O.C., C.Q., O.M.

She is all a soloist should be.
Toronto Star
Precise attacks, excellent ensemble playing and energy… One would think oneself magically transported to the blessed era of the Solisti di Zagreb… passion, presence… The musicians’ smiles are contagious.
Le Devoir (Montreal)
Angèle Dubeau and her gifted ensemble of musicians play with such radiant warmth and sensitivity that it is impossible to imagine the work better performed.
The Strad (London, UK)
Dubeau plays everything with alluring sweetness and sophistication and her colleagues match her tender, inflected playing note for note.
Gramophone (London, UK)
Regardless the format, Angèle Dubeau is formidable.
The Gazette (Montreal)
If Angèle Dubeau and La Pietà didn’t exist, we would need to invent them!
Le Soleil (Quebec City)
Dubeau is an exciting, dynamic fiddler… The performances were consistently robust and inquiring, taking nothing for granted… Dubeau’s well-drilled band played with agility, power, a nicely weighted sound and a fierce joy in the doing.
Los Angeles Times
Rich and vibrant, and performed with a passion.
BBC Music Magazine (London, UK)
This ensemble has everything. Lyricism? Got it. Excitement? Got it. Style? Got it. Élan? Got it. Enthusiasm? Got it. It's the hottest chamber ensemble around.
Soundstage Magazine (Ottawa)
Dubeau plays everything with alluring sweetness and sophistication and her colleagues match her tender, inflected playing note for note.
Gramophone (London, UK)
You need to be an exceptional communicator to make a success of an unaccompanied violin disc. Dubeau evidently is: you feel she has a tale to tell.
The Strad (London, UK)
Her performance was distinguished by fieriness of tone, absolute security of pitch and pointing requisite sense of fantasy and imagination.
The Times (London, UK)
L'art contre l'amnésie et la bêtise.
le Devoir (Montreal, CA)

Angèle Dubeau has pursued a career as a classical musician for over 45 years and has played in as many countries, always with the same passion, zest, and generosity. Beyond her virtuosity as a musician, this exceptional woman has other qualities that have earned her a special place in the hearts of her audiences. While her virtuosity and musicality have won over critics, audiences adore Angèle Dubeau for her captivating music, her uncommon gift as a communicator, her generosity, and her outstanding ability to connect with listeners. She has garnered many awards over the years, and she is one of the few classical violinists in the world to earn gold records. To date, she has released 47 albums, sold over 650,000 copies and her recordings have been streamed 195 million times.

Angèle Dubeau has had an exceptional career. At the Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal, she received a First Prize (master’s degree) in violin at age 15, studying with Raymond Dessaints, and a First Prize in chamber music at age 16. She then moved to New York City to study with Dorothy DeLay at the prestigious Juilliard School of Music and, from 1981 to 1984, she studied in Romania with the eminent pedagogue Stefan Gheorghiu. She has won several national and international competitions.

Angèle Dubeau is as deeply convinced as ever of the need to guide the general public to a better understanding of music. She devotes herself to making it accessible by reaching across borders, generations, and backgrounds. “I like to think that music is a universal treasure that almost everyone can share,” she explains. In addition to the numerous concerts she gives, this truly passionate musician communicates her love of music and culture through televised music programs for young audiences, popular concerts, and the Fête de la Musique de Tremblant, a festival she founded over 25 years ago that features Canadian artists and their works and attracts over 40,000 music lovers annually. “Contact with art opens up our senses and colors our lives,” she affirms.

For her talent and her exceptional contribution to the country, Angèle Dubeau has been appointed and has received:

  • 2023 – CBC Radio In Concert Hall of Fame
  • 2022 – Medal of the National Assembly, Québec
  • 2021 – Prix André-Gagnon, Fondation SPACQ
  • 2019 – Prix Denise-Pelletier, Prix du Québec in performing arts
  • 2018 – Officer of the Order of Montreal
  • 2018 – Compagne des Arts et Lettres du Québec in recognition of her remarkable contribution to the development, promotion and influence on the arts and letters of Quebec
  • 2012 – Officer of the Order of Canada (member of the order of canada since 1996)
  • 2004 – Knight of the Ordre national du Québec

Angèle Dubeau plays on the “Des Rosiers” Stradivarius violin (1733).

Over the years, Angèle Dubeau has won the following awards and mentions:

  • Gold Record for A Time for Us! (2012)
  • Gold Record for Infernal Violins (2007)
  • Gold Record for ON WINGS OF SONG (1995)


  • Classical album of the year for ELLE (ADISQ, Félix Award 2022)
  • Classical album of the year for PULSATIONS (ADISQ, Félix Award 2020)
  • Classical album of the year for MAX RITCHER: PORTRAIT (ADISQ, Félix Award 2018)
  • Classical album of the year for A TIME FOR US – TAKE 2 (ADISQ, Félix Award 2017)
  • Classical album of the year for LUDOVICO EINAUDI: PORTRAIT (ADISQ, Félix Award 2015)
  • Classical album of the year for BLANC (ADISQ, Félix Award 2014)
  • Classical album of the year for GAME MUSIC (ADISQ, Félix Award 2013)
  • Classical album of the year for ARVO PÄRT: PORTRAIT (ADISQ, Félix Award 2010)
  • Classical album of the year for PHILIP GLASS: PORTRAIT (ADISQ, Félix Award 2009)
  • Classical album of the year for FAIRY TALE (ADISQ, Félix Award 2008)
  • Classical album of the year for SOLO (ADISQ, Félix Award 2007)
  • Classical album of the year for LET’S DANCE (ADISQ, Félix Award 2000)
  • Classical album of the year for LULLABIES AND FORBIDDEN GAMES (ADISQ, Félix Award 1999)
  • Classical album of the year for MOZART: OPERA FOR TWO – LATE 18TH CENTURY TRANSCRIPTIONS (ADISQ, Félix Award 1997)
  • Classical album of the year for ON WINGS OF SONG (ADISQ, Félix Award 1995)
  • Classical album of the year for TELEMANN: TWELVE FANTASIAS FOR VIOLIN WITHOUT BASS (ADISQ, Félix Award 1994)
  • Classical album of the year for PAGANINI, DE FALLA, PIAZZOLLA: OEUVRES POUR VIOLON ET GUITARE (ADISQ, Félix Award 1993)
  • Classical album of the year for PROKOFIEV, TCHAIKOVSKY, KABALEVSKY: VIOLIN CONCERTOS (ADISQ, Félix Award 1990)

Angèle Dubeau won to this date, the largest number of Félix – Album of the Year since the existence of this award, all categories combined.

Angèle Dubeau
& La Pietà

Driven by the desire to innovate, Angèle Dubeau founded La Pietà in 1997, an all-woman string ensemble featuring some of Canada’s best musicians. What she could not have known at the time was that this experiment, originally conceived of for periodic recordings, would gradually become a full-time occupation. From early on, the ensemble gained a solid reputation, playing Canada’s most prestigious venues and on television. Known for their exceptional virtuosity and impeccable precision, their rich interpretations, and above all the contagious happiness that enlivens their stage presence, Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà have crisscrossed the world for over 25 years.


Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà


Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà is a non-profit organization founded in 1997. La Pietà’s mandate has never changed: Perform and release exceptional music to the widest audience. The orchestra draws from a broad range of cultural influences, but whatever the repertoire, it focuses on uncompromising excellence of performance. The orchestra’s ever-growing audiences enjoy its performances of original, diverse, and refined works in both classical and contemporary traditions.


From the start, La Pietà’s mission has concentrated on an ongoing quest for virtuosity, aimed at making outstanding music accessible to all audiences while offering new repertoires drawn from a wide variety of musical influences. Invariably acclaimed by critics and audiences alike, La Pietà performs its programs on national and international concerts and makes them available worldwide on physical and digital media.

A brief history

Like the Venetian orphanage Ospedale della Pietà, La Pietà is an ensemble of strings and piano made up entirely of women. The orchestra’s musicians come from our best schools and are among the finest performers in the country. A prominent violin virtuoso, Angèle Dubeau remains the artistic director of the orchestra she founded in 1997. An extraordinary artist, Dubeau has nobly represented Canada, garnering numerous national and international awards along the way. A visionary leader, she constantly pursues the goals of excellence and artistic boldness.

Since the group’s founding, Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà have recorded 20 albums, all of which have topped the Canadian charts. By recording period works from a variety of styles and composers, La Pietà has been able to appeal to a broad audience and earn a loyal following. Over the years, Dubeau’s  talent for creating programs with engaging themes has proved to be a competitive advantage for La Pietà. When put on stage, these thematic programs are guaranteed to draw audiences to the group’s concerts, and they provide an exceptional showcase through international promotion.


Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà

François Mario Labbé

Manager and Producer